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The benefits of using glass

lass is the clear choice. For you. For your family, and for the environment. Here are 5 good reasons why.

5000 years in the making

It’s no accident that glass containers have been used for over 5000 years. Outperforming other materials time and time again, no other packaging can claim such a tight-knit bond with humans like glass. When it comes to the best in quality, purity and performance, glass is the only material that stands the test of time. Trust a material whose history is over 5,000 years in the making. Trust glass.

Glass is eating done right

Love eating and drinking? Use glass to savour the unlimited potential of your food and drink. Unless all your foodstuff comes directly from your own farm, chances are it comes into contact with some form of packaging. Unlike other materials, glass doesn’t need extra layers or additives to protect the quality or taste of what’s inside – with glass, what you see is what you get. Experience the flavour.  Use glass.

Endlessly Recyclable Exclusively Natural

Endlessly Recyclable – Exclusively natural; glass is known the world over as being not only the safest for packaging food and beverage, but it’s also the safest for the environment. Unlike other packaging materials that become dangerous waste, glass can be recycled and refilled an infinite amount of times without losing clarity, purity or quality. Protect your health and food with recyclable, refillable glass.

Inspired by iconic transparency

Bold, powerful and iconic, glass has been used to help make a statement for thousands of years.  From windows to monuments, everyone from Apple to the city of Paris recognises that the best way to stand out is to be perfectly transparent. Glass isn’t just beautiful – it magnifies beauty. Be inspired for something better by using glass.

Renovate your health with glass

Committed to you family’s safety? So is Glass. The only way of making sure that your food is healthy enough for even the smallest member of your family is simple – use glass. Unlike other packaging materials that have been proven to leach harmful chemicals into your food and drink, glass is the only packaging material that is guaranteed to leave your food and your body untouched. Renovate your family’s health from the inside out by choosing glass packaging.

Friends of Glass

In a nutshell – Friends of Glass is a community which supports everything about glass packaging. In a slightly bigger nutshell, Friends of Glass advocates a lifestyle which includes glass for three main reasons: health, taste and sustainability.

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