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Do you know your neck finishes?

A wonderful insight into the range of neck finishes available in today market.

MTO- Medium twist off

Suitable for food products and non carbonated beverages.

MCA - Variation of ROPP, MCA2 and MCA3  

Suitable for carbonated beverages.


Crown caps are suitable for carbonated beverages but unfortunately are non- reusable.

Shallow Crown

A variation on the the crown neck finish.

TO - Twist off 

Can also be know as the vacuum lug finish, Suitable for food products.

DTO - Deep twist off 

The DTO is a variation of the twist off finish.

ROPP - Roll on pilfer proof - tamper evident

Suitable for non-carbonated beverages and pharmaceuticals.


Suitable for snap on closures.

Grinder Top

Can be used for grinding condiments.

Snap & screw

Suitable for snap and screw closures.


Suitable for general purpose, single start thread and comes in a variety of sizes (perfect as a child resistant closures).


R6 is a deep general purpose finish with single thread. Perfect for pharmaceutical products.


Similar to the R3 but is more commonly use instead of the R3 in America.


Suitable for chemical products due to its pouring lip finish for speciality temper evident closures.

We have a range of caps available to buy online today. For more unusual finishes please call our sales team on 01472 340005.