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Brim-full capacity vs Standard capacity

Our latest insight into the world of glass - Brim full capacity vs standard capacity

Brim-full capacity

The brim-full capacity of a jar or bottle is the maximum capacity of the container to hold liquid. Brim-full capacity of a jar with metal lug cap or screw cap have the capacity to hold liquid until the very top (or brim) of the jar or bottle. Please consider expansion of your product.

Some of the jars e.g. pressed jar have different meaning for brim-full capacity because it requires space for the cap/cork to be placed within the jar when it is capped on. Therefore the brim-full capacity is the maximum capacity that includes caps to be placed into jars and not to the brim level of the jar.

Standard capacity

Standard capacity is a normal volume for commercial use and it is normally up to the shoulder level of a jar or bottle.

How are these measurements useful, you may ask? Imagine you are reviewing a 320ml glass bottle but would need a bottle to fill 300ml of liquid inside. So the standard capacity is only 280ml. But if the bottle’s technical drawing states the bottle has an actual overflow capacity of 320ml, you can potentially fill 300ml of liquid in this “320ml” glass bottle without any issue.

Be careful, however, as these measurements are actually two very different numbers, and if they are confused, can lead to incorrect fill of your bottle and error in label claim.

We would recommend that "samples" are ordered prior to you placing orders to ensure the true capacity and weight of your product after filling. Bear in mind that the density of the product will also effect the fill weight and finished jar/bottle weight.

Specification sheets are available for you to download, if you cannot see the Brim-full / Fill weight, then please ask for a more detailed drawing.

Till next time.